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Late payments are the scourge of all businesses. Every year, close to $115 billion worth of invoices are paid late, amounting to $52,000 for every small business in Australia. With over half of all invoices paid late, on average 23 days overdue, it creates significant cash-flow impacts1.

But there is a solution. eInvoicing helps small businesses get paid faster, while simplifying their processes and reducing manual data entry. This eBook highlights the key benefits of eInvoicing for you and your small business clients, along with tips on how to get started.

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  1. Small business owed $115 billion in late payments: Apricity press release, 2019
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3x less expensive
Processing eInvoices is up to 3x less expensive than manual processing
Reduces admin and data entry
Invoicing reduces admin and data entry
More Secure
It is also much more secure than traditional invoicing
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